Does anybody else find this happening? You get a new device and then in the first week or so take things reasonably easy, sensibly in the sense that I just load on or look for apps to replace others used on a different platform, and things go quite well. Everything works just fine and you have the stuff you need on a smartphone.
That’s phase one for me anyway. Phase two is not quite so restrained and generally involves trying out by loading on a whole heap of software that I know from day one I will more than likely never use. Still, even though forewarned is forearmed and all that it doesn’t stop me ploughing on with the cramming. I don’t know why it should be like that but invariably it is. Then I get to the stage where the launcher is a mess of icons and I start to get itchy fingers and generally feel uncomfortable about the situation.
So, off comes a whole heap of apps and normality reigns for a bit. I think I just get bored quickly and try all that new software in the vain hope of finding some new killer app, which virtually never happens. Plus there is a bit of guilt involved too. I feel that I should be using these powerful devices for more than I usually do and thus the search begins again for that mythical app that is going to turn me finally into some sort of super power user.

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One Response to “Cramming”

  1. John Bridges Says:

    Hi Murray
    I know the feeling only too well!!
    My Palm Treo has a total of forty seven third party apps loaded, of which maybe fifteen get used with any degree of regularity.
    Then of course there is also the massive guilt trip about the amount of money spent on these seldom used apps.
    Like maybe the money should have been saved and put towards the new Palm Pre…??!!
    John in SA

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