iPhone and Pre

Iphoen 3g
Haven't really commented on the iPhone v3.0 software since it was announced but on the whole it is going to be good news what with all the extra stuff becoming available. Of even better news is that it will be available free to all 3g iPhone owners, this is a fairly major upgrade and it is good to see Apple passing on the benefits. No-one seems to be commenting on that but then Apple does not get much good press these days as sites appear to expect that they should operate on a give evrything away and make no profit from it as if they had charitable status. With the extra stuff being added on they could have been justified in only making it available via a new bit of hardware, thus necessitating further gadget outlays. Let's see if Microsoft makes WM7 available to all WM6 device toting owners. I would expect it only to be available via new smartphones so if you want it, you'll need to open that wallet again.

Enough pettiness though. There seems to be some one-upmanship going on between Apple and Palm at the moment on a strike for strike basis. This v3.0 announcement was obviously aimed along the lines of a pre-emptive strike and a shot across the bows of the Pre. This is the problem with Palm and their mid January Pre announcement. It has given competitors plenty of time to up the ante and respond with improvements of their own. Palm really needs to get this Pre out sooner rather than later and with basically zip all being announced since January I'm not convinced it will be available this side of July.


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