Last night I had the misfortunate to watch the less than Dandy Dons get knocked out of the Scottish Cup on penalties by a side from the division lower than us, not only that but they are languishing in mid table and were pumped 4-2 at the weekend. A place in the Semi Finals was at stake and a tie against Falkirk who are currently bottom of the SPL. There was the very real possibility then of qualifying for Europe and earning some decent cash.

Over the last 2 years we have been humiliated in various cup competitions, there's no other word for it, by such world renowned opponents as Queens Park and Queen of the South. Gee whizz, it just keeps on getting worse. I think the fans are getting fed up with things and patience with the under-achievers grows. I think manager Calderwood is doing a decent job but has made mistakes, he appears to have his favourites and his inistence with persevering with dross like Darren Mackie is bewildering. This is a "striker", loosest possible definition applied here, with an appalling goals ratio who sole skill appears to be the ability to run round like a headless chicken for 90 minutes fouling the opposition. This in itself is a microcosm of the ills behind the state of Scottish football where "hard work" is rated above any semblance of actual skill. Most Aberdeen supporters are firstly baffled as to how this guy gets a game every week and secondly, how the heck was he offered a contract extension in January? That's just taking the mickey.

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One Response to “Disaster”

  1. Richard Bright Says:

    I feel your pain. I support West Ham United which has to be the sassenach equivalent of your Dons. Apparently, supporting teams that can consistently fall arse over elbow is ‘character building’. We can therefore console ourselves with the knowledge that we have character oozing from every pore.
    Particularly like your description of Mackie – very clever.

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