BB Curve

I have put the Nokia E71 and Treo Pro up for sale on ebay and with the anticipated proceeds have already bought a BB Curve, for research purposes only you understand. It arrived today but I was not back until later on so have not had any time to play with it, I've just set up the email service on the BIS T-Mobile site. I'm going to run with it on T-Mobile for a bit and see how things go. I had pretty rotten signal reception on T-Mob on the Bold but this seems better so far. I'd rather use it on o2 but I can't add the BIS service onto my iPhone contract and nor would I want to because I would have to swop from the iPhone data plan to a new one with o2 for the Curve and if, in 2 months time, I decide I don't want to continue with the Curve then I'd be tattied.

Best then to use the T-Mobile SIM which already has the BIS service on it from my previous Curve useage back in late 2007. I'm normally full of beans for a new device and eager to get cracking loading on stuff but tonight, after a long time with my son up at the Sick Kids for a mini-op, I'm just too pooped and anyway, I don't feel like it as he is a far greater priority and is a bit zonked.

Initial impressions though are that the device is quite small and feels light compared to the iPhone. I can keep the o2 SIM in the latter as no matter whether the iPhone is numero uno phone or not, it still gets a heck of a lot of use for music, podcasts, RSS feeds, eBooks and a bit of gaming, all on a daily basis.


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