PIM on the iPhone

Much has been said about the lack of PIM stuff for the iPhone and as a whole it is probably not up to scratch for most people. What annoys me is the inability to add in untimed events (as todo's) into the Calendar application like I can in TMP on the Palm platform. I can make them stand out in TMP by having them as a different colour too so they are easy to spot. Apart from that the Calendar app is actually okay for my modest PIM needs as I'm not one of those types who needs to link every meeting or contact to about 50 other things.

The main man from Random Number Generator was pointing out that he can add events and stuff into the WM Calendar app quicker than on the iPhone, there are seemingly fewer steps needed but what he forgets is that you have to wait about 30 seconds each time on WM until the spinning beach ball vanishes befoe moving onto the next step…boom boom.

Hopefully, the lack of PIM functionality on the iPhone willbe addressed by the soon to be released PocketInformant which has been a stalwart on other platforms for a while. WebIS say they have sumbitted it to Apple for approval and let's hope it gets through intact. It certainly looks the part and it should help rectify many of the current shortcomings.

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  1. BlowingSnow Says:

    Pocket Informant is available now on iTunes for $13, at least for the US. There were favorable and critical comments on it, but it seems like a great start for a real PIM on the iPhone. It’ll be interesting to see how a future version might work with the new iPhone 3.0 enhancements.

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