Clie TH55 v Revo Plus and KeyLink

Tapsmart for palm
I like the Revo Plus but it has been playing 2nd fiddle of late to the TH55 in the word processing stakes since I got my standalone PEGA KB100 keyboard. I find myself whipping it out, the keyboard that is, at every available opportunity as it is such a nice little gadget and to be honest, it provides a much better typing experience than the Revo and possibly even better than the MC218. My only concern is that I look a bit of a berk using it, there's something just not quite right about it so I always pre-empt sniggers with a couple of self-effacing and "I know I look stupid' remarks. Does the job.

It's funny how much more I use the TH55 when it is attached to the keyboard, entering text is so much easier that I find myself taking advantage by doing more memo's, notes and todo's etc etc etc. I have struggled a bit going back to Grafitti, it does not like my "a's" or "u's" at all and my "k's" are a bit suspect too.

Talking of useful text entry applications, I used to use KeyLink by Tapsmart software a while back on my old T5 and then TX. It's a simple but hugely effective application that links your Palm device to your PC and allows you to view the screen and enter text. The great thing about it is that you can copy and paste huge chunks of text from PC applications into the Palm apps very easily. I use it to copy bits from websites, tips and tricks, into the Memo application. I think it might well be called TapSmart now actually although the app on the TH55 has "keylink' as the icon title. I would recommend this app for keyboard-less Palm/Sony devices.

Update – just done a search for "keylink" and this showed up, it seems to be the same software anyway. The new version appears to support connection via wifi and bluetooth too although I just use a normal sync cable.


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