I hate Comic relief

I really do, all those smarmy rich celebs pretending to be humble and all pally pally and wacky for "charidee". I know it's a good cause and all that but really, it's one pompous unfunny bore. Look, I might be a pretentious prima dona but hey I can come across as a wacky guy too seems to be the gist of it all. There's also a heck of a lot of shouting going on. Still, for some celebs I suppose it's a bit of a last chance saloon. Why do they keep dragging out French & Saunders, it's  been at least 10 years since they actually made a funny joke. I remember being mortified when an old chum of mine said he found "The Vicar of Dibley" funny. I knew at that point it was an opportune time to call a parting of the ways.

The lowlight for me, and there were many so this was a tough choice, was the appearance of Fanny Lennox…no, that's not a typo….I've always regarded her as a twerp of the highest calibre. She always thought she was a cut above everyone else. Mind you, U2 were not far behind. As they hit their mid 40's plus they seem to be going through some age crisis, dressing like 28 year olds and over-exaggerating everything. Hey, look at us, we still raaaawwkkkkk. No you don't, you make the sort of records you would have laughed at when you were 25 plus you're bulging out of those slightly too tight shirts. And they never miss a chance to preach do they? Do this..don't do that…this from a man who made the mullet famous in the 80's.


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