Apple iPhone 3.0

So, Apple will deign to give us a look at v3 of the iPhone software next week which is very kind of them. Let’s hope it is chock full of goodies and will be available this year.
I can’t help but think that it will only be available on the new summer launch iphone as they need to have something enticing to lure existing owners to splash out again. If it is out for everyone then many will think twice about upgrading, perhaps. They need to put something into v3 that is going to make people really want it….cut and paste?
As Shaun said at PDA 247 today, this summer is shaping up as a defining one for smartphones what with the projected Pre launch, new iPhone and more Android stuff all coming out.
Will the v3 software be enough to fend off the march of the Pre? If it is stunning it could be a right boot in the chops for Palm.

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