Treo Pro in UK

Last week we had a presentation from some AXA folk on investment matters, about how the markets were likely to do, in their view, in the next few months. All very interesting of course. Surprisingly they were not toting Blackberrys but rather Treo Pros. One of the guys said they all had them which I thought was interesting as it certainly makes a change from the norm. I wonder how Palm managed that?
Rather alarmingly however one of the guys was sitting poking at the screen with a biro pen and explained that he had lost the stylus in his car somewhere. Once or twice during the afternoon I heard the familiar treo ringtone which was a bit odd. None of them had done anything with them, they were all stock with no added apps and none of the settings changed. I chatted to one of them and he basically had no idea or perhaps more relevantly no interest in using it except to make calls and receive push email. Sacrilege.

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One Response to “Treo Pro in UK”

  1. Adrian Says:

    My IT department have informed that the only mobile device they will support is an IPAQ. I tried to set up palm desktop on my work PC but I keep getting an error message about some system file being missing – so no joy for me

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