Email woes

Email is a funny thing as it can be incredibly helpful and yet I find it has caused me quite a few woes down the years, especially on windows mobile devices where it would randomly decide not to receive or send messages despite their having been no change in the settings. It has worked very well on the iPhone though but it still leaves me with a small problem. logo
At the moment I use mobilme, primarily because it gives me near push-email which I find to be very handy but absolutely not essential. It is something I have managed without for most of my time using smartphones and I could quite easily live without it again. The problem for me with mobileme is that I am using it for accessing on mobile devices and I never look at it on the web or on my home macs via 3rd party email applications and nor do I intend to either. Thus, I can't set up any rules for filtering out junk/spam on the desktop, to stop it appearing in the Inbox, and all that crap then gets pushed to the iPhone as there is no spam filtering whatsoever available on it. I have also set up the mobileme account to forwards Gmail messages too. Luckily, Gmail filters out any pap prior to it appearing on my iPhone.

So, to summarise. Mobileme gives me push email but no .mac email spam filtering capabilities.

If I were to switch back to Gmail as my main account I could include my mobileme email account in it too but would then lose the push facility. On the updside though, Gmail is great for filtering out junk that you identify as crap and thus I could very easily get it to stop sending all the crud that mobileme automatically sends. It worked great in the past when I had that system set up. Of late, I find more spam coming through mobileme than before.

So, is it push with junk or not push with no junk? Or is there something I am overlooking re mobileme and spam?

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  1. Austin Says:

    You can use imap on the iPhone with your gmail account. Don’t think the iPhone mail app supports IDLE (the push system used by gmail) but you could set it up to check every 15 minutes.

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