O2 stores

I was in the o2 at the Gyle shopping centre in Edinburgh on Sunday and was delighted to see that half of the floor space was taken up with a working display of virtually everything they have on sale. This may be the norm elsewhere but it doesn’t apply to their other Edinburgh stores.
It’s the way it should be too. Phones are expensive to buy and the contract runs typically for 18 months so it is important to get a feel for the device you are looking to buy rather than spending 10 minutes fingering a shoddy and non-functioning dummy model.
Anyway, I got to play with several phones including the BB Curve. It seems zippy and has a nice screen. I also had a fondle of the xda Zest but wasn’t as impressed, the screen was stuck (locked?) in landscape mode and it wasn’t as quick as I expected. I’m not sure how I’d cope with that tiny onscreen keyboard either although there are numerous 3rd party alternatives out there. Still, at £200 unlocked it is excellent value.
They also have the Treo Pro. This one seemed zippier than the one I had before on Vodafone and the touchscreen was more responsive. I find myself tempted by it again despite the lackluster previous experience.
Still, having read reviews of these phones, good and not so good, it’s good to get the chance to play with them in the flesh and get a feel for the useability, speed and features.

– mobile post


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