Palm Pre fighting talk…

The guys'n'gals at Palm sure are talkin' the talk but can they walk the walk is the question? According to Palm every single iPhone owner will switch in June to the Pre. This doesn't really merit much comment as it is just plain daft, even if everyone who wanted to have a Pre over an iPhone wanted to swop over there is the little matter of being tied in to AT&T contracts in the US and the fact that the Pre is not going to be available anywhere else in the world for goodness knows how long. I'd  like one myself over an iPhone, assuming it works as good as it looks and there are going to be loads of good apps available. I'm not going through that very frustrating 1st gen iPhone and no apps nonsense again as it wasn't enjoyable.

"I want a Pre I want a pre Ed!!!" – iPhone switching punter
"I told you guys so…and to think they laughed at the idea, hah!" – Ed
"I want it now Ed"
"No problem…where did you say you lived?"
"Oh…Houston, we have a problem. Could you move to the States?"
"Errr…I don't want it that much. Gotta dash, what time does the AppStore close?"

This is the phone that is probably the most eagerly awaited phone of the year, it leaves gadget lust for all other smartphones out there in the shade and makes HTC's 2009 product line announcements look like what is really is, dull facelifts of their existing over-rated, over-specced but under-good to use models and yet Palm cannot seem to capitalise on this pent up fervour. Not when they insist on continuing with their one-carrier only exclusives anyway and it makes me think, they deserve to fail if they carry on with that silly strategy. Look at it this way……do Apple, HTC and RIM launch new stuff on one carrier in one country only? And are they struggling financially? Not particularly…..

Obviously I'm far from being in the know here, for all I know the Pre could be available unlocked here in Europe sooner that I expect and if so, great. If not, by the time it does appear me and 10 million others could be holding the latest and greatest new 3rd gen iPhone. Chance missed Ed?

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One Response to “Palm Pre fighting talk…”

  1. Pre is So Niceeee Says:

    The answer to your last question do Apple,HTC,Rin launch on only one network is yes,no,no…In case you missed it Apple’s Iphone is on only 1 network in the STATES .ATT,I know you are in the UK so i forgive you your uninformed rant. Second point is the Pre is locked to only one network again in the STATES. It wil be availabe soon in the UK and a over the world on different networks just as the Iphone was. Sooo have a stiff upper lip and get your PRE as soon as it is out and toodles. =)

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