o2…quite decent actually

I received a call last night from o2 support, out of the blue. A very helpful young lady explained that I was now at the point where I could change the terms of my iPhone contract if I wanted to.  I am currently on the £45pm deal but barely use the minutes, I think I got it as it meant getting the 3g iPhone free of charge. She pointed out that I hardly ever make any calls (I'm anti-social) and could save some money each month by switching to a lower priced contract which I promptly did.

I was quite impressed by this as it is a rare event when a provider makes contact with the purpose of saving you, and therefore losing them, some money and I think o2 deserves a pat on the back for it. Phone companies can sometimes get a load of stick but in my dealings with o2 and T-Mobile I've had nothing but good service (unlike those charlatans at Orange)

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  1. David Ross Says:

    Orange are no longer passing on the vat reduction. You now get £2 in your phone fund for a £20 topup to use when you buy a new phone from Orange. That’ll more than likely be a locked Orange branded phone.

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