eXpansys new look shite…sorry, site…

eXpansys are starting to irritate me. Firstly, they seem to have abandoned their next day delivery system as the last two things I have bought from them, ordered in the mid morning were not sent out until the following day. In the past, if you ordered from them it was sent out on the same day. Sure, I know that technically the goods arrive the next day after being sent but to me, if they don't despatch them on the same day then it's not Next Day Delivery. They should change it to 'Same Day Despatch" service.

Secondly, their revamped site is a mess and is confusing and misleading. Look at this page for example which is their current "home" page and check out their "Best Sellers" list….just about all the devices there are not even on sale yet. The "New Releases" section also includes a whole lot of stuff that isn't available either. The devices at the top, the big pics…guess what? Try finding one of those items available to buy now either.

Then go to top of the page and click "smartphones" then "with qwerty keyboard" and guess what? Gosh, most of them are devices that gasp…are not actually available either for a while or are just not in stock. It's hard to find stuff on there that is actually in stock these days…c'mon, sort it out eXpansys.

I think I need to try someone else out…any suggestions?


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