Sony pega KB100

Clie and keybd folded
That's the official title for my portable, foldout TH55 keyboard. I was slightly apprehensive about this working out of the box having read some forum posts suggesting that a hack or two would be needed to get things rolling. However, i installed the driver stuff from the cd, fired it up and it appears to be working just fine.There's not a huge amount you can say that is of interest to readers, especially when you consider there probably isn't going to be a whole load of the item floating around even if you wanted to get one. Mine was brand new in the box and cost only £25 which is, unusually for me, an ebay bargain.

The keyboard itself is quite thin, there's not a lot of travel when pressing the keys which feels a bit odd at first and it sort of flexes slightly at the ends when using keys near the edges but those two things are the only negative-ish things I can think to report. Usefully, one of the drivers that gets installed on the palm device has a utility app that lets you assign applications to each of the function buttons in tandem with the command key press. Thus, apps can be launched quickly. You can see from the picture that when folded (halved0 it is nor that much bigger than the Clie itself. I'm going to run with this setup at work for a bit to see if I can get on better with it than the Revo Plus for taking meeting notes. A possible advantage will be that a lot of my note taking will be in Docstogo and of course I can sync that directly with the desktop software whereas on the Revo there is an extra step or two needed to transfer docs back and forth.


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