I had to let some people go off my Twitter friends list as they were frankly posting drivel, who cares that they just put the cat out with a bowl of milk? My Twitter useage tends to be on a different level to others, I see it as a means of posting random info once or twice a day at the most, some see it as a way to document each exciting half hour period of every day of their lives.

No offence to the ladies out there but some of those I stopped following, their sole purpose of tweeting was to tell everyone else which male celebrity they found the most attractive that day, which is a tad ironic given that they are the first to complain about being "pressurised" (yawn) by society into looking good. They're not exactly adverse themselves to judging/commenting on members of the opposite sex by their looks.

I also stopped following tweets from sites as I tend to prefer to visit the site anyway and I find the site tweets superfluous. Twitter is turning into some big fat monster thing that I'm not entirely convinced that I wish to be part of going forward, I don't mean in a "I'm far better than all of you sort of way' but more actually it's all a bit dull sort of way via a whole load of people exchanging uninteresting snippets of their magical lives. Mind you, that's probably what others think about my tweets….


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