more on the Nokia Store

"they are accepting submissions for selling applications, games, music, videos, podcasts, themes, wallpapers and ringtones. It could well be that non-app content will dominate the service, especially if the content is easy to navigate and purchase"

Oops, did you see that?….."themes, wallpapers and ringtones"…you might as well substitute "farting and tip calculator applications" to get the App Store equivalent. I can see it developing into a mass of cheapo themes/wallpapers that you will have to wade through at first to find anything half decent. It is good that there is an app store of sorts coming for Symbian and that Nokia are going to try and filter out all the fluff to intelligently match your buying habits but we shall see. Location specific stuff too, what is that all about I wonder, I can't ever recall a situation on any previous device where I was somewhere and thought I needed a bit of software specific to that place.

A look on any site selling s60 software reveals that themes and wallpapers take up a large chunk of the shop floor space, once you get past that it can be hard to find suitable software. I'm still looking for a semi-decent RSS reader as compared to those available for the iPhone, they are 1) poor and 2) extortionately priced for what they offer. I must admit though I have fallen out of the habit of looking for decent
productivity apps on the iPhone too as they get hidden under a deluge of
crud and sifting through the flotsam can be tiresome, I seem to end up buying £0.99 tat more often than not.

The guys at AllAboutSymbian, which must be the most level headed and un-biased platform specific website out there, have compiled a list of reasons why this is going to be an important thing for Nokia and as they are seldom wrong then it is worth paying attention to.

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One Response to “more on the Nokia Store”

  1. elbowz Says:

    I’ve given up even looking at the iTunes App Store – its just not worth the effort – as you say anything decent just gets buried. Unless its a personal recommendation I don’t bother any more.
    The Nokia store could be worse than you imagine, at least entry to the Apple store is regulated. Contemplate for a second 10,000 ringtones, wallpapers and themes and all the crap that’s ruined the Apple store (only more of it) and the one app you actually need might be buried under all that – no thanks… I’ll pass on that one.

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