KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera.

We bought one of these at the weekend, it is a small portable digital camcorder that records in HD quality. We got it for £99 at Comet through ordering it online and picking it up by their "reserve and collect" service in a local store. Normally, it is £129 if you buy it in the store so that is a decent saving.

Kodak z16
It's actually pretty good, although shooting in low light conditions produces mediocre quality. In light though it is excellent and well worth under £100. It's not obviously as good quality as offerings from the likes of Sony and Panasonic but nor does it have a £500 price tag. It can record at 720p at 60fps, not too shabby.

As you would expect from such a low priced item there is not much in the way of advanced controls but that just makes it easier to use, it is designed for casual use by Joe Public and in that respect it does the job nicely. It is just a matter of point, press the red button and shoot then press the red button again to stop.

It's very compact and has a built in USB connector so you just plug it into your PC/Mac. On my laptop, iPhoto automatically opened and you can import your recordings from there. It runs on 2 rechargable batteries and amazingly comes with a battery charger and a drawstring case plus cables to connect it to your HDTV. Very good value all round. I actually like the idea of rechargeable batteries as it means you can carry some spares with you instead of a full mains charger and of course you can buy new batteries just about anywhere these days. It records onto SDHC cards, a 16gb card can be bought online for less than £30 and should give about 3/4 hours recordings. For those youtubers out there, seemingly it can upload your video direct to YouTube.

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