Repligo for Palm

I used to use this application like it was going out of fashion a few years back and have re-downloaded and installed it again on the Clie. In fact, the software I now have on the pda has a very 2005 feel to it, it's like going back in time to my T5 days….all very odd but rather comforting at the same time. Some apps though just lend themselves better to bigger screened devices and Repligo is no exception.

Repligo screen
How to describe it? Well, it allows you to stick any type of document onto your pda/treo to be read at your leisure. It installs a repligo "printer" icon on your PC (sorry, it is PC only) and if a document can be printed then it can be converted to Repligo format and hotsynced to your palm device. It is also available for other mobile platforms incidentally. Bring up a document on your PC, hit the print button and then hit the Repligo icon and it will then give you the option to rename it, categorise it and transfer it to either your handhled memory or SD card. So easy. there's no having to drop files onto the sd card folder as the hotsync process handles all that for you.

On the device, the programme looks like DocstoGo with a simple list of all installed files ready to be opened. This app has one big advantage when reading documents in my opinion. PDF files can be opened as they are or you can use the option to "reflow" text so that it reads just like a word document, this makes it far easier to read and avoids the need to constantly keep resizing the document to make it more readable as you tend to have to do with the PDF format files. There are loads of other options available on the device as regards reading/viewing options if needed.

I love this app and although it is years since it has been updated meaningfully, it still looks the part and works beautifully and frankly does not need a major overhaul as I don't think there is that much which could improve it. I did however have a bit of trouble tracking down the files as the site seems to focus purely on the hugely expensive and subscription based Blackberry edition, in the end I got them from a 3rd party software vendor site….I'm wondering if it has been discontinued or something for the palm platform?

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  1. ojleblanc Says:

    I love RepliGo, but it does not work with Windows Vista! I’m so bummed. The company seems to have decided to focus on the corporate market and Blackberries rather than on individual users with its “RepliGo Server for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.” That’s disappointing. If Cerience is reading this post, please release an update for Windows Vista for your existing customers. You might even get some new ones! 🙂

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