Finished tinkering with the E71

The E71 continues to work very well. It is extremely stable and reliable, much more so than any other device I have used. In addition, the battery life is superb to the point where it only needs a top up charge every second day or so and even then, it still has about at least 60% of battery left.

The biggest reason I splashed out on the TH55 Clie is that I just could not find certain apps for the Nokia that I need, we're talking here the likes of ListPro and a decent memo application, and as I wish to keep using the E71 I just decided to combine it with a seperate PDA so I can get the best of both worlds, a superb phone and a superb PDA that enables me to use the 3rd party software that I need that I can't find for the s60 platform. Does that make sense? It does to me but the practicalities may be a different issue.

Lord knows how much time I have spent in the last 3 weeks perusing s60 software stores in an increasingly frantic and futile search for those missing applications. It's as if I expected to suddenly find a version of ListPro for s60 available out of the blue from one day to the next. Not going to happen.

I stilll haven't managed to update the software either and may have to "borrow" a PC from a chum to do it on as my work laptop steadfastly refuses to push the update onto my phone. Not a huge deal admittedly but being a gadget junkie, not being able to update to the latest and potentially greatest software is gnawing away at my insides. As mentioned in another post there is a fairly steep learning curve to the E71 but sticking with it this time has proven rewarding to date.

One downside I have noticed is that 3rd party versions of some apps that I have used and treasured on other platforms, such as HandBase, Resco Pic Viewer and Resco Neeews, do not work nearly as well on s60. They are serviceable indeed but not as easy to use. I've had particular problems with photos on the E71 as the inbuilt Gallery app is poor. Getting pics onto the device is straightforward enough but thereafter, trying to organise them into folders for easier viewing is a nightmare. Unfortunately the Nokia mac syncing tool and Missing Sync applications don't transfer iTunes photo albums as is but instead just lump all the pics together. Trying to sort of that mess on the phone is hugely tiresome.

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