eReader up to v2 for iPhone

Pleased to see that there have been some nice features/improvements added to the latest version of eReader for the iPhone which I felt were needed. I hadn't used it much beforehand to be honest, preferring Stanza but will give it a whirl again now that extra stuff has been added.

It can be found in the onboard AppStore under the "Reference" section. I think the iPhone is a good platform to read eBooks on what with the nice big clear screen and multi-touch interface, this might even inpsire me to buy a couple of books for it.

What's new

Release 2.0 of eReader on the iPhone and iPod Touch has added the following features and improvements: Autoscroll. Color themes. Display book attributes like cover art, author, ISBN, publisher, and description. User defined book categories and sorting by category. An indicator to let you know what books are already on your device from your on-line eReader and Fictionwise bookshelves. A percentage read indicator added to the on-device bookshelf. Additional font choices. Margin options. Line spacing options. Larger tap targets for link selection. Action performed by text selection option. Several bug fixes.


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