SMS Chat for s60


I ended up buying this threaded SMS Chat application as I thought it was quite a bit better and more stable than Nokia’s own free Conversation software.
It works quite well although the menu is a bit clunky when switching between views and is not set up intuitively, in my view. You can’t just press a navigation button when reading a text to go back to the all messages view but instead have to call up the Option button first and then select the message view. That needs sorted.
I like the way though it adopts your device theme. So many s60 apps I have tried make no effort to blend in with the chosen theme and this makes them seem like they’re not part of the o/s. Just a little thing but it looks off.
It has a useful message alert on the standby screen and pressing the view option takes you straight to the text. If you just press the centre dpad button instead it goes instead to Nokia’s own default sms app for some reason. I also tried Ultimate SMS but felt that it was not as good. This one has several additional settings whereby when selecting a new contact to text it only shows mobile phone numbers, which is sensible plus you can limit the amount of messages in a thread.
Overall then quite a slick bit of software which I have been very pleased with. Having come from a variety of previous phones with the threaded sms facility the thought of not having it is a bit scary so I was relieved to find something that is up to the job.

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