Kindle 2

Kindle 2
Amazon as expected have announced the Kindle 2 and it looks great on paper…boom boom. Well actually it doesn't look good in the hand but the specs and what it can do look great. And it is sooo thin. It makes me want one and I never wanted the original one, I'd just be embarrassed to be seen out and about with it, it just looks a bit….I don't know how to describe it but carrying something around that size does not look right, you can't put it in a pocket so you need a bag of some sort otherwise it looks like you are carrying a plate around. Check out the videos on the page link, the guy in the coffee shop looks like he is about to die of embarassment. 

Still, for home use and holiday where the embarassment factor goes out of the window (as does all dress sense) it would be great.


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