Denon in ear headphones

My Shure headphones packed up last week, I suspect I caused some damage when I was trying to clean them. I have a pair of Bose in ear too but they don’t offer enough noise insulation when out of the house which is when I tend to use them most plus the cable is far too long. They give the best sound quality when inside though.
The guy in the shop said I should try the Denon set, which I did and they sounded good plus offer better noise insulation and have a short cable with an extension lead if needed. They also come with a nice wee case and a choice of different sized foamish buds. The cable feels quite thin compared to my Shure ones but the headphones themselves are made of aluminum and feel more substantial.
Denon earphones
Now, I’m no expert on sound quality in these sort of things but I would say the Denon set sound a bit clearer. Put it this way, when I am walking and listening to a podcast I can hear passing traffic with the Denon phones but the audio is still 100% hearable whereas with the Shure ones the noise of the passing cars stops me hearing the podcast vocals. The guy in the shop said they give better all round performance whilst Shure sets are better for just music. I tend to use headphones to listen to podcasts and video so the Denon set seems a better option for my needs. They’re no worse than the other sets anyway plus they sit better inside my ears and thus are more comfortable. I also much prefer the shorter cable arrangement as there is no tangle and I can put my iPhone or E71 in my top jacket pocket for quicker access.

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