BlogPress updated again…

With promises of the scrolling problem finally being fixed and also sorting the disappearing text issue. I installed it and things now seem to be working just fine. This last update makes it extremely useable. It also supports text entry in landscape mode. Pictures though inserted into posts still show in posts as being far too large.

– mobile post via iPhone

3 Responses to “BlogPress updated again…”

  1. Simon Says:

    Hi Murray. Glad it’s fixed for you – sadly it’s made mine worse! I installed an update a week or so back which made it very stable (barring the problem with the picture sizing). After seeing your post today I’ve updated to the latest version, and EVERY time I try and write a post, the whole screen blanks to a white page!!!
    I think I’ll uninstall it completely and reinstall it from scratch. Shame. It’s got a lot of potential – and I’m still waiting for the developer to add a “+” sign for a new post that I suggested to hi, which he sounded very enthusiastic about when he replied to me..

  2. Simon Says:

    Uninstalled from the iPhone, and reinstalled the latest version by syncing, and this seems to have solved the problem. Nice and stable now (touchwood)!

  3. muck Says:

    Have you had problems lately with pics uploaded to blogpress not showing up? Or intermitantly showing up?

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