Best Jotter for Symbian

Best jotter
There’s no List Pro for Nokia devices and indeed decent Memo style applications are thin on the ground too. The only list manager type software I tried I couldn’t get to grips with at all. Sometimes the lack of choice makes me pine for my Palm Treo. There doesn’t appear to be a huge choice of Memo or Note taking apps either. The best one (no pun intended) so far out of a poor choice is Best Jotter. It allows for nested folders for better sorting and has a useful and effective search facility but that’s about it.
There is no text formatting at all aside from changing the size nor can you add stuff like bullet points or checkboxes which means items can’t be struck out from notes but instead need to be manually erased.
There is an import/export facility but its hard to see what sort of files can be imported, it doesn’t appear to want to import, for example, doc files. I suspect it is just on speaking terms with plain text files.
This app certainly wouldn’t satisfy power memo users and for the price doesn’t appear to offer much save for folder and search support and as such it is hard to recommend it purely on the basis of it just being the best of a poor bunch.
If anyone knows of a better option please let me know.. ..for the price I just expected an awful lot more in terms of feature set. If this was an iphone application it would be a cheek on the developers part to ask anymore than £2 for it. Mind you, for me it does tend to sum up a lot about the quality or otherwise of s60 software which on the whole tends to be over-priced and under-featured compared to their palm, iPhone and windows mobile counterparts.

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