Pointless but funny…OldBooth for iPhone

Give yourself and your chums that 70's retro naff look, bouffant up that thinning patch and relive the 70's big hair style you had and still pine for…is that? ….is that Shaun McGill?

Back to the past with OldBooth.

Have you ever wondered what you'd have looked like in another era? How about your friends?
Be a lady from 20s or a funky hairy hippie. Now you can turn into in the fastest way ever.

choose a picture from your library or take a new one with iPhone
camera. Move, scale or rotate your images. You can also flip the
picture and for a perfect result, adjust brightness. Less then minute
and you are done. Picture is automatically saved in Camera Roll for
further use.

Send it to friends and make them smile, use it as
avatar and share it with family, or even set to your contacts. We find
it's really addictive and makes everyone laugh.

Have fun.

"I laugh out loud even when I'm by myself!"

"Easy to use with great results. Very well done – funny as hell."

"I would say that it is the application that makes people more jealous of my iPhone!"

"Everyone I know has now been 'OldBoothed'"

"Impressive how well this app works and even more impressive just how funny its results are!"

"Great app! Probably the best I've downloaded."

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One Response to “Pointless but funny…OldBooth for iPhone”

  1. Shaun Says:

    No… it… isn’t

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