Top Ten Symbian software posts

Two different posts from two leading lights on the Symbian scene both covering a similar topic. The All About Symbian one covers freeware and NokiaExperts is a mix. Both are directed at s60 phones though. Interesting to see Google Maps being mentioned at the latter even though s60 phones come with Nokia's own Maps application. Having downloaded and installed Google Maps I must say I find it easier to use and quicker than the Nokia version.

Audiobooks Nokia
I had Google Maps of course on the Centro but it didn't seem to have the "My Location" feature which showed where you are, presumably as there is no embedded GPS(?). This comes as standard on the s60 version and is one of those small things/differences that can make such a positive difference, when you open the app it finds where you are and does so quite quickly. With the reliable 3g signal on the E71 and small screen the application is quick to load too.

I tried the Nokia email application which I think is still in beta but much prefer Profimail both for the way it looks and the extra features. It has a "rules" section that allows you to set up filters to send emails straight to the bin that meet certain criteria. It has worked very well so far and is a feature I find extremely useful.

I'm finding more and more shortcuts than can used on the E71 and these revolutionise getting access to stuff much quicker. Each application has a selection that can be utilised. For example, in the Calendar app, pressing the function button and then hash jumps back to "today" after you have been scrolling through other days.


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