Palm Pre and Apple

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I'm sort of over the post pre excitement already, not because I don't want one, I do, but rather it all just seems so vague and far away at the moment plus the fact I'll not be able to use any of my existing Palm applications takes the shine off a bit for me. With Apple claiming the multi-touch patent it makes you wonder if the Pre will arrive as is when it is finally launched or whether they will be forced to make concessions and remove the bits that Apple may force them to withdraw.

I'm in two minds about this Apple patent thing. I sort of think they are entitled to protect their technology but at the same time I don't want it to stop other people bringing out better devices with possibly improved versions of that technology. You can bet there was a hell of a lot of work and money and time put into perfecting the technology so Apple is not going to let it be borrowed by others without some sort of payback. I'm an end user though and naturally want the best end-user experience I can get, whoever brings me that supreme ease of use at the end of the day is not that important to me.

Surely Palm can just licence the multi-touch thing, if it is proved they have unlawfully pinched it, and then we will all benefit. Or perhaps Apple won't let them in which case it may be back to the drawing board. Some are taking things a liitle too far and decrying Apple but you can bet that if it was they who had done all the spade-work then they might feel a bit differently.

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2 Responses to “Palm Pre and Apple”

  1. Simon Says:

    With you all the way here Murray. I’ve also watched the current Pre video on PDA247 – the first one I’ve really paid any attention to, and although you can’t see the actual screen too clearly, and the guy demoing it saying “erm” every two seconds, the overall functionality looked pretty decent to me. Should be ready and available by the time my iPhone 18m contract runs out 😉

  2. exNewt Says:

    Trust me; as someone who went from a Palm to an iPhone (well actually several Newtons, HandSpring VisorPhone, Clie UX50, iPhone, iPhone 3G) I really can’t see what the advantage is.
    There a huge, robust suite of apps, even HanDbase (even cut/paste & Flash video for ‘jailbroken’ iPhones) and correct me if I’m wrong but the new Palm OS does not run old Palm software?

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