Internet Sharing – Mac to xbox 360

This may be useful to those who have a mac and use an xbox 360 and who wish to be able to connect via xbox live but do not wish to fork out for the £59 wifi adaptor. Courtesy of MacApper website…

A very hidden and somewhat unused feature of Mac OS X is the internet
sharing application which can be found in System Preferences >
Sharing > Internet Sharing.  This feature is very basic and easy to
setup but it allows you to share the incoming internet connection on
your Mac with other computers in your vicinity.  You can even turn your
Mac into a wireless hub using this feature.  We’ll help show you how to
set this up properly in this guide, along with a step by step tutorial
of how to use your Mac’s internet connection in order to get your Xbox
360 online without having to purchase a wireless adapter.

On another xbox related matter, I finished off Tomb Raider Underworld the other night and was left feeling a bit disappointed. This game has some terrible glitches and some dreadful camera angles. Laura gets randomly stuck near scenery and can walk/jump through rcoks and stuff. When climbing and you need to use the camera to look around to see where to jump or move to next, the camera can go haywire, jumping around randomly. terrible for a 2008 next gen game.


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