Handy Taskman for symbian…and the pap that is CorePlayer

I'm still getting to grips with a different o/s in Symbian but as mentioned before am determined to grow to love it or at least like it anyway. I had a good browse through the pda 247 software store this morning to see if there was anything there that could make things a bit easier for me.

Handy taskman
One of the things that was annoying me was that so many frequently needed things such as apps and settings are hidden away in the menu structure and can be found only with a few keypresses. There are only so many shortucts for apps and the like that can be added to the home screen and the rest need to be dug down to find.

That led me to trying and quickly buying Handy TaskMan. This application basically offers two benefits. One being the ability to hold down the home button and access running applications. Once done, you can  stop/kill them all or individually from within that screen instead of the inbuilt system method which takes a bit longer. The second major advantage of the app is that you can then launch apps or files by just starting to type the first letter. This brings up a list of all files/apps etc starting with that letter and it can then be launched from there. You can also set up as many extra shortcuts via the "favourites" option for super speedy access to oft used stuff. This has so far avoided any need to start using the Symbian menu system again which is no bad thing. A fairly simple app but one which makes using a Symbian based phone much easier.

There is currently 205 off all software until the end of January using the code "jansale". I also purchased CorePlayer which will no doubt turn out to be a mistake as I also bought it for Palm and WM and on both platforms it was unuseable because it was so buggy. Unfortunately there is no trial version, shame on them, but having first hand experience of its instability elsewhere I can see why they don't offer one.


Quelle surprise, as they say in France, 5 minutes after using CorePlayer it froze and forced my first battery out reset on the E71 since I bought it last week. What a bit of buggy and unreliable bit of pap CorePlayer can be and more fool me for not learning from my previous bad experiences.


2 Responses to “Handy Taskman for symbian…and the pap that is CorePlayer”

  1. Paul Biba Says:

    The first behavior of Handy Taskman is part of your phone now. Just hold the Home button down and it will display a list of running programs which you can kill with the back arrow button.
    The Symbian menu system is really arcane. I get around it by simply moving all my most used apps to the root menu. I then have everything at hand when I hit the “Home” button. I also the others around to new folders that group them more logically than the way they are organized on the phone. Makes the phone a lot easier to use.

  2. curuba Says:

    Are you able to synchronize the E71 with your MAC Address Book, Mail and DocsToGo?

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