Firstly, a couple of good reviews. PDA 247 looks at the new Curve, which I find quite tempting, and then a good review of the Xperia at WMExperts. I think the Curve is very similar in shape and form to the Nokia E71 and the two can go head to head quite easily.

Symbian MissSync
The Bold is still sitting at home unloved and has not been out of the box for a week or so now. The poor reception on T-Mobile has put me off a bit especially when compared to the stellar signal I get all the time, virtually, on the E71 on o2. I stuck the T-Mob sim card in the treo 680 last week and it was at full strength all the time in the house which is more than I can say for the Bold. The Bold is one of the few phones I have had over the past 2 years where it would actually lose a signal completely and the dreaded "SOS" only red notification pops up.

I'm really a bit doh! these days. I did not realise that in order to use VMWare Fusion on the mac, certainly for running windows applications anyway, you also have to install Windows too. That adds another £60 or so onto the total price and I'm now not sure whether it will be worth it for me when the cost of the Fusion app is taken into account too….we're talking here over £100 total.

I like the E71 for basic PIM stuff, I find it much better than that available on the iPhone but I wish to keep using mobileme for syncing PIM stuff rather than using PC Suite in tandem with Outlook. Luckily, the mac solutions are fine in this respect as I can enter new meetings and contacts on the E71 and then transfer them at night onto my mac  (iSync or Missing Sync) to Entourage and that is already set up to sync with mobileme. My new info then appears on the iPhone.

I like the way that on the E71 todo's can be entered via the Calendar application and are thus visible in the Calendar. The ability too to scroll down to a time and enter a meeting is good as well as it means less info has to be added and it is quick. I wish Apple would adopt this system too, it has worked well for all other platforms down the years, is fairly simple yet very effective. Apple needs to swallow its pride and quietly admit that not everything it does is the best way to do things.


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  1. curuba Says:

    Are the links to WMExperts and PDA247 broken?
    I get sent to a generic website…

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