AppStore goes on and on

How many apps is that now? 15 000? Does it really matter when to 85%, possibly more, of them are stuff I would never look at. Looking at one of my RSS feeds this morning, one that sends details of all new releases on the AppStore, I was struck again by how few of them, some days none in fact, I feel the need to investigate further by actually opening the post. If you like mobile gaming then it is all rather splendid I'm sure as the vast majority of them are games. I've bought a couple of games, WordPop and some ten pin bowling game but no way is it my desire to have my iPhone as a mobile gaming centre. There seem very few releases in the "productivity" category these days.

We used to laugh at the amount of "tip calculator" style apps appearing on the iPhone and on other platforms but now our mirth has turned to the multitude of "farting" apps. I'm sure the ways things are going apps wise now is not how Apple originally hoped or intended it as the business nature of the iPhone lags well behind other platforms in 3rd party software.

I'm still surprised there is no Docstogo style application and this is something I really need on a mobile device. I don't want to just be able to view Word and Excel documents on my iPhone, I need to be able to edit them too and transfer them back easily without having to type in web addressses and such like. The Palm version of Docs is still the best as far as I am concerned with its desktop companion and the way it keeps tracks of changes and makes syncing between the two a breeze. Somehow I doubt an iPhone version will have the same set up.


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