Ericsson MC Hammer

Ercisson MC218
I took my own advice and have been using the Ericsson MC218 for the last few days at work instead of the Revo. To my surprise, I managed to get it to sync with my laptop Outlook so I now have all my work contacts and appointments in it. For those of you unfamiliar with these old devices, the Ericsson was basically a rebadged Psion 5mx with a couple of extra applications and modem bunged in. Looking on ebay the other night I spotted a few auctions for the psion version, some were boxed and the sellers claimed were unused. These have price tags of over £100 plus if you fancy one.

I also did a search for Ericsson MC218 and it came up with nothing although all Psion accessories should work for the Ericsson variant, certainly the serial cable does anyway as I bought one a while back. I also didn't realise that the mains charger that came with my Revo Plus also powers the MC218…doh. Or perhaps it is the charger that came with the Ericsson and it works on the Revo?  It's quite a heavy thing but is so well built and feels really solid, the opening mechanism is so smooth and the way the keyboard slides out is amazing.

There is no doubt a lot more I could so with the device but I just can't be bothered at the moment. Sometimes you can just try and do too much with these things and end up making a right mess.

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