Transferring info between mobiles

Treo 750v vodafone cropped I continue to run with the 3g iPhone and Treo 680 (sometimes the Centro), the latter gets mostly used during the week when working as it has better apps for handling work stuff at the moment. One of the problems I have found running two different phones with different operating systems on them is transferring data between them and just generally trying to keep the info between them synced. The systems are all different whether it is keeping a Nokia and Win Mob device in sync or my current combo. I'm not so much talking here about PIM stuff as that can be done using things like Google Calendar and GooSync etc but personal stuff such as memos and notes and the like.

I remember a comment on a post not so very long ago, or it might have been an iPhone app review comment, from somebody saying they had had over 800 memos on their palm device and had finally managed to get them onto the iPhone. Crikey that's a lot of info accumulated down the years. I don't have nearly as many myself but the thought of trying to get my iPhone memo's onto the 680 and vice versa, to merge them all, is daunting. I just keep putting it off. All the info I have currently in ListPro is seemingly permanently stuck on the 680 but I'd love to have it on the iPhone too.

I keep a lot of memos too and transferring them between devices would involve cutting and pasting from desktop apps from one platform to another then syncing which is not the world's biggest pain but it should be easier. Memos have to be converted to a format that is supported on the other device. It would be good if for simple apps like memos and notes platforms used the same format, say rtf or plain txt files so that users can move stuff easily between the differnet o/s setups.

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2 Responses to “Transferring info between mobiles”

  1. Simon Says:

    Hi Murray
    It can be a pain, and it would be good to have a standard to tx stuff.
    I exported my Palm memos as a csv, imported them to ToodleDo (web) and then synced to Notebook by Appigo. A bit convoluted and still needed a bit of tidying up, but worked. Wouldn’t want to do it for 800 memos though !!!

  2. Mike Says:

    I’m the co-author of an iPhone notes app, Notespark. We support the import of Palm memos through our web site (which syncs with the phone app), and it doesn’t require any tidying up of the file format. Importing 800 memos should not be a problem. (People have done it before).

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