Revo Revo Revo

David also asked about the Revo a while back and I have not posted anything for ages which may give the impression that it is not being used, far from it. I use it quite a bit at work in meetings, it replaces my pen and paper for taking notes which can then be transferred easily to my work laptop and cleaned up.

I did go through a phase, as I always do, of trying to turn it into some super Revo when I first got it but soon realised that was foolish as I had bought it purely for one specific purpose, that of typing meeting notes as mentioned above. And that is a job it does very very well, it is far far easier to type on it quickly than any smartphone. I have this eternal problem though of swapping between the Revo and Ericsson variant, sometimes I prefer the smaller Revo then a week later I dig out the Ericsson and think I prefer the bigger keyboard…aaarrgghhh!! I shouldn't have bought both in the same way that I shouldn't have bought the Centro when I already had the 680. Too much choice sometimes.

I know that there is a multitude of 3rd party apps, a lot of them free, that can make your Revo do a whole lot more but to be honest, I'm very happy with what it does at the moment and don't want to start filling it up with stuff I may never use. Nor have I attempted to link up with a phone to use it for email, I just don't see the point when I have smartphones that do a far better job with far less input on my part required.

Just to compare the two devices, the Revo is neater in terms of size and has the major benefit to me of a mains charger. I also have the docking cradle which helps sync to my work laptop. The keyboard is good but not as good as that on the Ericsson, the latter has bigger keys that provide more feedback whereas there is little travel on the Revo one and you have to keep looking at the screen to make sure a letter has been typed. Mostly it has but there is that nagging doubt at the back of your mind. No such problems with the Ericssn though and it also has the useful backlight but no mains charging facility. The screen resolution on the newer, or less old Revo, is slightly sharper and clearer to read too.

I suppose I should prefer the bigger Ericsson then as I use them only for typing and it plainly has the better keyboard but the constant worry about being out of power and need to carry around spare batteries is a pain. One other advantage it has is that the smaller Revo, when you are typing on it, tends to move about, you end up pushing it away from you and to counter this I usually put something in front of it to stop this "wandering". The Ericsson is heftier and stays put no matter how hard you are battering the keys. Oh and of course, you can add extra storage to the Ericsson via those huge cards that used to go in early digital camera's, compact flash? Okay then, I'm going to use the latter for the next week or so and see how I get on.

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One Response to “Revo Revo Revo”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Hey, looks cool. I’m guessing they don’t make these anymore?

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