What to do?

other day, when I was in John Lewis having a scope round, I noticed a
couple playing with an iPod nano, one of the new ones, that was
inserted into one of those speaker things. I think it was a JBL system
and I must say the sound was amazing but that's another story. Anyway,
the guy was trying to get the Nano to play a song and for some reason
he was trying to swipe the screen as if it were a touchscreened iPod
Touch. Of course nothing was happening so that just made him try to
swipe across the screen in a more exaggarated fashion. Eventually, he
realised it had to be controlled via the jog wheel which was why it was
there in the first place.

Macbook pro
I was tempted to say something when he was struggling but thought
better of it, it's not my place to do so. A previous time I was in John
Lewis was just before the new MacBook and Pro models were announced and
it was fairly common knowledge at that time that they were days away
from being introduced at a special Apple event. Again, there were a
couple ahead of me and they were talking about buying one of the
current black MacBooks so they got one of the assistants to show them
the ropes. I went off to do some browsing and when I came back they
were in the process of filling in the paperwork. What do you do?
Knowing that the laptop they were buying was about to be superceded by
a purportedly better model and new design I could have had a quiet word
with them just to let them know as that would have given them the
option to wait a few more days but I said nothing.

Afterwards I felt sort of guilty and still do a bit to this day but
really, was it my responsibility to butt in and appear presumptious? If
you are going to be spending £900 on a laptop shouldn't they have done
a little more research and that way they would have probably found out
themselves? They might have told me to get lost anyway.


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