Palm RSS….Resco Neeews

Anybody with half a brain would have to admit that the RSS app experience on the Palm is not in the same league as that available for the iPhone, not so much in terms of the quality of the applications themselves but rather in the user experience. Super fast wifi downloading of feeds on the iPhone coupled with the big screen and easy touch navigation lift the experience from the Conference to the English Premiership.

Resco neeews My preferred RSS reader for Palm has always been Resco's Neeews and this after having purchased both Quicknews, which I always found buggy and with terribly confusing navigation options that I could never get the hang of, and mRSS which I liked but not as much as Resco's offering. In fact, I would say that Resco make some of the best software available for the Palm o/s, consistantly reliable, well-featured and easy to use. God bless em'.

So, why is Neeews so good or rather, the best by a long shot of a decent bunch in my view? It has never crashed on me for starters, it has individual settings allowed for each feed in terms of whether to download images or not, how many posts to fetch, whether to fetch podcasts (over GPRS?! no thanks), has a built in Podcast Manager or use another one such as PocketTunes, you can view your feeds as either a list or as bigger icons, the ability to add favourite feeds to the launcher for quick access, a scheduler for downloading times, dead simple navigation when reading posts and a whole raft of other options that make for a great user and highly customisable experience.

If anyone is looking for a good palm RSS application they should have a peek at Neeews first. Available here at half price for a limited time. ….upuntil today in fact!!


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