Busy week for shows

The first week of January sees MacWorld, the Palm announcement and the start of CES in Las Vegas. I hope the Palm thingy doesn't get swallowed up and spat out by anything major from the other two. You'd have thought Palm that would have been well aware of the other two events and would have scheduled their own bash, as opposed to doing it at CES. to avoid them. Obviously not. Perhaps they ae so confident about their own announcement that they don't think anything coming out of MacWorld and CES can top it? That would be good.

I would make my annual MacWorld predictions but mine have been so wide off the mark in the past you'd need a panoramic camera just to see the shadow. Others are speculating that because Steve Jobs is not going to be there then nothing new, at least exciting new anyway, is lined up. My only prediction is that for a "joke", Phil Schiller will do the keynote speech wearing Job's trademark crew neck, jeans and "sneakers".


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