Xmas shopping

Looks like post Xmas sales figures in the shop sales were quite
good. Up from last year apparantly despite impending economic meltdown
in which we will all lose our jobs. Right.
I bet online shopping
figures continue to rise though, a factor the doom and gloom merchants
never mention. Who wants to fight their way through hordes of rude
women in the High Street stores, on a freezing cold afternoon when you
can sit at home, beer and nibbles in hand, at a time that suits you and
do most of it online? Not I for sure.
Let's face it, local
councils with their fierce anti-car stance and generally rank rotten
local bus transport policies,, British weather and the stores
themselves do enough to ensure that shopping is a deeply unpleasant
experience best left to either masochists or people with no Internet
This year, we got 90% of our stuff online and will do the
same next year. If the likes of Next or wherever could offer a men-only
shopping day where you could get to the chaps tills and not find
yourself behind 34 women, all laden with bras and blouses from the
women department, then I might venture back.


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