iPhone Nano looks more real by the day – PDA 24/7

iPhone Nano looks more real by the day – PDA 24/7.

Is this for real? If so it would surprise me if it has any phone
capability. If it is smaller and less featured than the 3g version it
would be cheaper than the current model which raises the obvious
question….would Apple want another cheaper phone to compete with the
more expensive 3g one? Would their partner carriers? It wouldn't make
sense as Apple doesn't do competition between their own models. they
like there to be a clear gap between all models.

If it is radio equipped I can only assume they would sell it
themselves, without any carrier involvement, and that it would sell for
a price higher than you can currently get a contract 3g one. That price
would also be higher than the most expensive iPod Touch as they would
not want to pitch it in the iPod Touch range for fear of hurting sales
of that range.

A £200 nano iPhone with say 16gb of memory would likely decimate
sales of both the 3g iPhone and any iPod Touch so it is likely to be
specced with a relatively low amount of memory to differentiate it
further from those models. Say it was available for £200, had 16bg of
memory and was unlocked, who would then buy a 3g iPhone? Unless of
course it is going to replace the 3g model?

Just my opinion.


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