HTC Claims Android Hurting Windows Mobile Sales

HTC Claims Android Hurting Windows Mobile Sales.

is a very interesting post from SmartphoneThoughts, a site that is
never afraid to speak its mind. There is probably an element of truth
in it too. Some of these staunch Win Mob sites are running a little
concerned what with events over the past year and Microsoft not as yet
upping the ante.

It has been said before but is worth repeating, WM is starting to
lag behind the others and appeals less to consumers….if we believe
what the papers tell us about this credit crunch then there may soon
not be any business market to aim at. WM7 is a while away and in the
interim period there could well be a new improved iPhone, touchscreen
equipped Nokia's with bigger and even better cameras and one or two new
Android based phones, heck there could even be a flood of them and they
will be equipped with a much updated Android o/s too, one would presume.

Somebody else with a pretty flakey o/s, in terms of age,  is RIM.
Recent updates have been minor and of a cosmetic nature, papering over
the cracks with some very nice eye-candy, such as on the Bold. At some
point in the not so distant future they are going to have completely
redo it as well and that, as Palm well knows, can take some time.
Still, you would have to think RIM won't make such a botch up of this
as Palm has done.

At this point in time I can't imagine using another WM device, WM
Standard perhaps but the full blown touchscreen experience, no. It's
just too much trouble and they would need to offer me a more iPhone
like experience before returning. Smartphones are going more
media-centric, more gaming centric, more FaceBook type
application-centric and less business orientated. That is why the
iPhone does well, it is why Android is focussed on these things and it
is why RIM's are moving down that route too. WM however, appears to
still thinks that business is the number one priority for people who
want to have a smartphone, hence the pre-occupation on specs.


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