Default Folder X for mac

This came as part of the MacUpdate Bundle pack I bought a couple of
weeks ago and to be honest I was not expecting to use it much. I don't
know why but I tend not to use many of these "utility" type
applications, you know, the ones that people swear by and try to
convince you it's something you can't live without. I tend to stick
with the basic system, rightly or wrongly. I gotta say though, Default Window X is great and has made day to day mac useage so much easier.

Default F X Screensnap
How to describe this bit of software? Well, it is simple. It adds
improved "saving' facilities when you are ahem…saving files or
documents. It adds so much more to the standard "save" dialogue boxes
by adding extra menu options that are sort of tagged on to the windows,
these enable you to file stuff in nested menus/folders without having
to double click click click your way through folders in the normal way.
Now I can save files into files that are nested without clicking at
all. It also gives you bigger and better previews of each file directly
below the save/open dialogue box with more information that is normally

The screenshot to the left shows how you can burrow down to find
docs or files via the menu system without having to open folders via
double clicking each one.

It also allows you to set up default save folders for applications.
So, for example, I save a lot of images from Firefox to use in posts on
here. Normally I save these in a "palm-mac" folder on the desktop.
Without Default Folder X I have to double click various folders to find
the one I need. With the application I can set it to automatically save
them in the "palm-mac" folder. Alternatively you can set up
"favourites" (the heart shape in the above pic) to get quick access to
your most oft used save folders when saving files. When I save a
picture in the "palm-mac" folder and then use it in a post Default
Folder X will take me straight to that picture if I use it as the next

It does other stuff too that I haven't got round to using or
exploring but the eae of use it has brought to my day to day mac useage
has been such that if I never use the other features I will still feel
the application has been a huge boon. This is one of the best mac
software titles I have used.

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One Response to “Default Folder X for mac”

  1. HBriggs Says:

    I have a question. How do I make the Palm NOT open when I start my MAC?

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