BlogPress application

There are a few mobile blogging apps and tools fir the iPhone and
normally I use iBlogger which suffices 95% of the time. The only hassle
is that when I add images they look alright within the mobile app post
but when viewed on the actual site are far too big. BlogPress claims to
have a resizing and placement facility so the only way to test it out
is to try it and this post is serving that purpose, hopefully.

One nifty feature of BlogPress is that it saves drafts and lists
them seperately as "drafts", making them easier to find. It does seem a
bit buggy in that the written part of the post can disappear for a bit
and then luckily reappear fairly quickly.

Updated – well it sort of works okay although the image us not where
I wanted it to be although at least it's not about a foot high.

– mobile post


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