A2DP…bah humbug and cables

I gave up on my wireless iPhone bluetooth adaptor thingy a few weeks ago as the whole thing was far too much trouble. My set up was a Sony bluetooth wireless dongle thing and a bluetooth adaptor that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone, thus enabling a pseudo A2DP solution. The problem was that the Sony thing needed constant recharging every couple of days and if you forget then you have to go wired again. It's just one more device to keep charged up….Plus, the Sony stereo headset just sort of hangs there from your ears  and in my view looks a bit silly. You have to clip it on to your clothes to stop the weight pulling the headphones out of your ears.

I just found the whole system too much hassle and have reverted back to good ol' cables. A2DP has undoubted benefits, ease of use is arguably not one of them.

In fact, I am glad my Shure headphones have a detachable cable which allows you to use them in short lead mode, when I use the extended cable and have the iPhone in a trouser pocket I find the cable always seems to get pulled down and I constantly have to yank it up to stop it pulling the buds out of my ears. With the short cable, I just slip the iPhone in a top jacket pocket and have no such problems.

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One Response to “A2DP…bah humbug and cables”

  1. elbowz Says:

    There’s nothing stopping Apple updating the iPhone’s Bluetooth profile to support A2DP and, given the freedom that a set of bluetooth headphones offers, its about time they pulled their collective fingers out and delivered it!
    I use my moto ht820s with my Q1u and its great to be able to leave it on the table and walk off to do something else whilst still listening… the iPhone needs this functionality…

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