Many mac users have probably watched some of these down the years, you will often find developers linking to them if ScreenCasts have done a review or tutorial of a product on that developers website. The guy does free ones too but most of them are available only by subscription. The ones I have seen have been really good, very helpful so I decided to treat myself to a 6 month subscription which is currently discounted by around 30%. I think it was about £25 or so.

Paying the subscription also gives you access to hi def tutorials, iPhone friendly hi res versions and access to the 2006, 07 and 08 back catalogue which is a lot of viewing. The man behind ScreenCasts does this for a living, I believe, and has been on various MacBreak Weekly podcasts. The weekly tutorials cover a huge range of mac stuff ranging from product tutorials, guides to mac native apps, iPhone and iPod stuff and more, each presented in a friendly and easy to follow fashion that don't assume you are some sort of mac whizz kid tech guru…which I certainly am not.

The whole thing appeals because sometimes you get bits of software that you enjoy using but you think, I could do so much more with it but can't be bothered wading though the hefty manual and often the manuals can be hard going…this method is very visual and I find that sort of thing easier on the eye and simpler to follow too. There's one on Bento that I have already downloaded as it is an app I have been struggling to get to grips with.

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