Is Blu-Ray taking off?

I was reading a post at the weekend about the PS3 and how sales are lagging behind that of its main competitor, the xbox 360. Some guy from a gaming website gave several reasons for this. One, it's more expensive than a comparable xbox model, £299 here in the UK compared to a top of the range xbox at around £229….debatable when you think the former includes a Blu-Ray player. Two, there are very few PS3 exclusive "must-have" game titles, which may be true, that would make a gamer buy it over the xbox equivalent and three…and this is the most surprising and possibly contentious, Blu-Ray discs are only worth watching and only show their superior video quality on TV's with a screen size of 50 inch plus. All the blurb for Blu-Ray players I've read says that they are 5 times superior to DVD in terms of picture quality, which I'm inlcined to believe more than the word of some xbox 360 fanboy

Blu-Ray logo Now, I don't know if this guy is right as regards picture quality, if so it is a shock to me. The players are still relatively expensive with only the most basic being under £200 when a good quality DVD player can be had for £70 or so. The discs are around £20 plus which is way too high when compared to new release DVD films being available for a tenner. How many folk, when money is tight as it may be now, can justify paying twice the price for something they may not even notice is of an appreciably better quality. We got a Sony DVD player about 6 months ago, for under £100, that "upscales" DVD films to near HD quality and, when combined with a good quality HDMI cable, I suspect that this level of quality is plenty sufficient for the majority of buyers, myself included, and probably helps to contribute to the low take up level of BluRay to date.

If you go into the likes of Currys or Dixons here in the UK there aren't many Blu-Ray players on display and this a year or so after the format triumphed in the noughties version of Betamax v VHS video. I just get the impression that the cost of players needs to fall to DVD levels as does the cost of films or else DVD will be hanging around a heck of a lot longer, at Blu-Rays expense, than was originally thought.


One Response to “Is Blu-Ray taking off?”

  1. Matty Says:

    My dad just got a blu-ray player and we hooked it up to his ~42″ LCD 1080i HD TV last night and watched the movie “Hidalgo”. I think the line that blu-ray is only better on screens of 50″ and higher is complete crap. The picture and sound quality of the blu-ray is far and away better than the DVD w/ component video we were watching before that.
    Blu-Ray is here to stay, folks. At least in the US where all terrestrial broadcast TV is required by law to be digital by Feb 2009, the proliferation of HD TV’s is growing exponentially. Blu-Ray will do to DVD what DVD did to VHS… just give it time.
    oh, and the reason to by a ps3? it’s not made by microsoft!

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