Hoorah…X-Factor is over…but Take That are back…well Take This…Bang

At last, after what seemed to be about 45 weeks of drivel, the abomination that is the X-Factor is over. This is a programme dripping in insincerity, fake emotions and swimming in mediocrity it makes Dynasty seem life-like.

Take that
And this years winner was….some girl who is an identikit looking Beyonce/Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston (insert one of a million other names here) with one of those awful warbling type voices. Couple of hit singles over Xmas and then a rightly judicious and welcome cheerio to you and a big hello to the Butlins style circuit awaits. What about that awful Irish boy, he has boozers eyes and a haircut that rivals Bobby Charltons via a stupendous front forehead comb over. I saw a bit last night and his parents were on. His dad, sadly, looks like a complete thug and his son has that "thug" look about him as well. Yuk.

Talking of sheer pap, what is with all this nonsense over Take That. Suddenly they have changed from being talentless, woosy dancing style naff boy pop band into some great British institution whose musical importance and influence rivals that of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Sex Pistols and Oasis combined. Do me a favour, they were crap 10 years ago and by jove they're still utterly mince today. They almost single handedly destroyed British pop music in the mid 90's with their fake manufacturedness, mindless blandness and spawned a decades worth of appalling goody goody boy bands such as the abominations that were (are) Boyzone and Westlife, pumping out dreadful faux soul and love songs whilst preening, grimacing and posturing like they were saving the world…either that or they were trying to force out a particularly stubborn No 2.

Remember how that utter fud Gary Barlow, after they mercifully broke up, started acting like he was some deep songwriter in the same mould as Lennon/McCartney but when the dawning realisation that in reality, his songwriting skills were more akin to those of The Wurzels, hit then he quickly and sheepishly vanished.

And suddenly, we're all supposed to go down on bended knees and treat them like Royalty? Not here matey peeps.

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3 Responses to “Hoorah…X-Factor is over…but Take That are back…well Take This…Bang”

  1. Simon Says:

    Oh Murray, don’t be so harsh!
    Admittedly, the X-Factor is absolutely pants (though don’t tell my daughter that).
    In general, I’d have agreed with you about Take That, but since their “reunion” I have to say I quite like some of their songs, and Patience especially is a superb track in my opinion.
    Sure, they’re not quite at Stones/Beatles levels – for those of us old enough to remember!
    Gary Barlow is a prolific songwriter, and writes for other artists as well as himself. There are far worse than him out there….

  2. Shaun McGill Says:

    Me and my kids love X-Factor. Yes, it is utter tosh, but fun if you accept that and move on…
    Ruining one of Leonard Cohen’s best songs is unforgivable though!

  3. tonyk Says:

    Don’t listen to Shaun & Simon! Keep up the harsh music posts, they’re great fun to read!! 😉

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