Good post at iPhoneBlog

The iPhoneBlog continues to be, in my view, the best source of iPhone related news, views and opinions. The ongoing RoundRobin sees other traitors continue to nitpick the genius that is the iPhone, digging deep to uncover minor flaws in the vain hope of finding a fault that makes their own pitiful device look like it wasn't manufactured or designed in 1998. Yes, I know it is sad but that unfortunately is the way of the modern world…….along with the fact that Mr Crackberry, undoubted nice guy that I'm sure he is, is the very living embodiement of the phrase "fanboy". His iPhone video review is, it must be said, extremely fair if a little nit picking at times (see above)

In comparison, the iPhoneBlog reviewers speak only the truth, unpalatable as it must seem at times to other platform users, and thus their opinions must be respected, nay revered, over all others. So Registry Tweakers, pay attention to the first part of their HTC Fuze review. I must say, the guy approaches it from exactly the way that I look at smartphones these days…from an ease of use from day one out of the box experience. Who wants to "tweak" or "edit their registries"…yuk, sounds a bit unclean to me.

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  1. Chad Garrett Says:

    We feel the love Murray!

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