One year on and not much has changed

Treo 680 photoshopped
This has been a fairly hectic year on the smartphone front with more comings and goings than in previous years. I’ve been through a whole stack of devices, most of which did not last very long. Some I liked, some were lacking in one or two areas and some were downright poor….hello Treo Pro and Treo 500 (there’s a theme there)

The first part of this year I had terrible gadget lust but I have been relatively restrained in the past 6 months, especially so over the past 3 months where things have virtually ground to a complete halt on my smartphone buying antics. The bottom line though is that one year on from December 2007 and I am again basically using just the two devices. December 2007 saw me flitting between the original iPhone 2g and my trusty-ish Treo 680 and now, one year later, I am now again flitting between the iPhone 3g and trusty Treo 680. Not a whole lot of change there then. I sort of knew in advance that I’d like the iPhone but my Treo addiction has been honed and toned down the years through solid use and that is something I should have told myself when I was lustfully eyeing up future purchases during the year. Sometimes, you really are better sticking to what you know works for you rather than thinking something newer and shinier will automatically be able to do a better job.

In a years time I would expect to be still using an iPhone of some sorts but as for the Treo 680, that will no doubt have been replaced by a Nova toting successor. Hopefully.


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